Photoshop: Extracted Tree

Today I focused on extracting objects from other pictures. In the image below you will see that I combined three images to create a more appealing and characterized look.


dylanpine said...

Very nice... This is a good, clean composite. You might try increasing the greens just a little on the tree layer. Good work.

Luke Austin Smith said...

Hey thanks! I tried to increase the greens with "selective color" but Photoshop didn't seem to catch many green pixels. I also tried brightening the tree with the dodge tool, but that didn't seem to go well either. After that, I tried using layer and vector masks...obviously that didn't work either. :)

Any suggestions on how to increase the green?

Luke Smith,

His handiwork

Luke Austin Smith said...

Btw, I eliminated the guy wire in the Green Beans image. ;)


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