Lightroom 2...and Amish Community

My friend 'convinced' me that Lightroom 2 is the way to go for I went ahead and downloaded the trial version. I absolutely love it! I would recommend this program for any photographer. I will be purchasing this program and using it for photography hereinafter.

To check out Lightroom 2, click on the image below:

Lightroom 2 - License

Today my mom, sisters and I drove an hour out of town to shop for produce within the Amish community. During this exciting venture, I encountered amazing barns and buildings that could not have been passed up for photographing.


Bethany said...

whoa, those are awesome!

{ jessica } said...

oh, yes. lightroom is *wonderful*. I have saved so much time with it only taking certain pictures into PS for more touch-up work!

Joshua Horn said...

What exactly does lightroom do?

dylanpine said...

Very nice! I knew you would like LR :) Thanks for the linkback.

Luke Austin Smith said...

Bethany: Thanks for stopping by

Jessica: Yes, Lightroom is definitely THE professional photo editing program...Photoshop is where I sharpen the photo and place my signature.

Joshua: Well, it's a photo editing program where you "import, manage, process, and showcase your photographs". It is well worth the payment of $300 dollars.

Dylan: No problem man...and thanks for the tip over phone on the gradient...very helpful. :)

Lady Jess said...

Oh, it's so pretty! Great job.

Luke Austin Smith said...

thank you Lady Jess...Lightroom has made photo editing all the more enjoyable

~Kaylyn~ said...

I really like your artistic eye and style!! Appreciate the simple things in life :)

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