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We've moved!  Hop on over to our website and subscribe to our news feed... and yes, we will be posting often... we apologize for keeping everyone waiting.  We've been so busy with web projects and building our portfolio, time just hasn't permitted blogging.  But hey, we're back up and running our new blog/news feed and are in the process of building our website.

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Completely Random Selection

Photoshoot For Etsy

If you haven't noticed already, I don't shoot many photos of human beings.  :)  Well, here are a handful of photos of my youngest sister modeling her skirt that she made to sell on her Etsy store.

Antique Winter...

Winter is not exactly appealing to the eye in Tennessee, but with just the right
angle and a little antiquing, its still images can create a cozy and rustic feel.

Kind of an interesting effect

Tennessean January Snow

Current Project(s)

During the beginning of this year I will be working on building an online store for my beloved mother and sisters to sell there creations.  I shall not disclose anymore about this site/store for you will see for yourself as 2010 unfolds.

I am also upgrading my website:

Red and White Barn

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