Photoshop: His Handiwork Header

This is a header that I have created tonight from one of the pictures that I took on our drive around Centerville. If any of you see anything that I could have done to make this header look more picturesque and have experience with Photoshop, please feel free to lend me some pointers. I am new to Photoshop and really want to gain some valuable experience. :)


Joshua Horn said...


That looks good! I use GIMP instead of photoshop, because it does basically the same things but is free.

The only comment would be that I would recommend that you put the "His Handiwork" logo in either the bottom left or the bottom right corner. Unless you are planning to use it as a header on your blog. Then you should make it bigger.

Joshua Horn

Luke Austin Smith said...

Hey Joshua!

I will make those changes right away. I'm building a portfolio of Photoshop projects to have handy to show for, if I do some photo editing or web design.

Thanks Joshua for your suggestions!

Luke Smith

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